Questions from Isabelle - why is God there?

Dear Father Glynn,

Why is God there?

Love Isabelle.

Dear Isabelle,

I think we’ve talked earlier about the location of God – the ‘where’ question. We talked about God not just being ‘there’ but also ‘here’, and ‘in here’ and ‘over there’ and ‘far far away’. Again if we think of God like love there is no limit to where love might go or be.

But I think your question this time hinges on the word ‘why’. ‘Why does God exist?’ or, in my language, ‘Why does Love exist?’ There are a range of possible answers. Maybe it’s because we need God/Love. Maybe it’s because God/Love needs us. Maybe it’s because God/Love has always been and the real question is why we exist. Maybe it’s because loving and living and hoping and dreaming are knitted together and can’t be unraveled. Just like God and us.

Here’s hoping,

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  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Lucky, keep talking with Isabelle as I have sense she is asking the questions if we are honest that we all have but are too afraid to ask