Question from Isabelle: Jesus

Dear Rev. Glynn,

Why is Jesus special?

Love from Isabelle.

Dear Isabelle,

Although I think there are lots of reasons Jesus is special, there are three things that stand out for me.

Firstly, he broke the rules. In his culture and religion there were lots of rules about who could eat together, talk together, and hold hands. Jesus made a point of eating, talking, and touching with all the people he shouldn’t have. He didn’t believe in the rules that kept people from each other.

Secondly, he believed the most powerful thing in the world was love. Out of all the things in a religion it was love that was holy. When people love each other we see something of God.

Thirdly, he believed that each person, including Glynn and Isabelle, are precious, wonderful and worthy of dignity and respect. No human life is worthless. Every person, even the meanest, is one of God’s children.



just surfing

sometimes when I'm feeling bored I go surfing. a bad place to start is by googling my name and around page 6 or so hitting the blogs of people rubbishing me. although i'm not so sure its me - cause they either spell my name wrong or give me a sex change. mind you maybe its just that my critics can't read!?

i'm slagged off firstly by the rightwing catholics, then by the you're-wrong-i'm-right evangelicals. they even have a some good sites [good as in technical]. then in my surfing I occasionally come across a Blinkley Baptist Church in North Carolina. the senior pastor quoted a large chunk from SMACA :

it kind of makes up for all the shit if you know wat I mean.
off to find a decent wave,
[n.b. my name has 2 n's. and no i'm not bloody sensitive about it!!!]
the photo by the way is me chilling out reading some byzantine history in the back of a campervan. now those guys really did heresy big time